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Terri MacLeod
2012-04-21, 12:00
Best of luck, I'm in awe of the commitment and drive needed to complete this challenge for a well deserved cause. I know you can do it, go Ally!!!
Calum MacLeod
2012-04-20, 22:59
Ally still think you are mad but admire your courage and committment to the missionI have no doubt that you will achieve your mission and in doing so raise monies for this very worthwhile cause.Thats your brother speaking As director of ALBA Military Fitness we are only too proud to have you representing ALBA in the desert so fly the flag
The wife
2012-02-23, 22:43
When Ally first told me of his ambition to run the MDS I thought Oh No! Having read up on the race I was not anymore reassured however he is running it for an excellent cause, SANDS, and he will return from the Sahara with lots of tales to amuse us with. Life's short so good luck to my lovely,generous, kind and kinda crazy husband.

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